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HiCan is designed to be a bold contemporary cocoon that disrupts the bed experience. A design sculpture where you can enjoy the highest comfort and a brand new lifestyle thanks to technology.

It's time to be the best version of yourself.


Ivan & Gianni Tallarico,
Founders of Hi-Interiors

"It takes time to create legendary products. HiCan is unlike any other bed and its ultimate edition represents the top of the range of our hibeds."

Control Everything

A native iOS App allows you to control your bed. You can track your sleep on a daily basis; get feedbacks on how to improve your habits, set smart alarms and create your own favorite scenarios to facilitate your falling asleep or awakening, relax, meditate, read a book intimately or enjoy a private cinema experience. You can manage ambient lights, reading lights, side curtains, motorized bed bases, fragrances, and the high fidelity audio-video system, combine all them through an intuitive user interface on a single device.

Choose your desired design finishings and smart features.


You can preset your scenario for relax, reading, sleep or what you prefer


Wake up refreshed, waking you up during your suitable lightest stage


HiCan can be integrated with existing home automation system using standard protocols


Mastering your sleep begins with understanding it, contactless and effortless

Tracking your sleep contactless and effortless

 Projection Screen 70"
 AVV Receiver C/W 7 HDMI Ports
 Sleep Monitoring
 Environmental Sensors
 Dimmerable reading lights
 Dimmerable reading lights
 Touchboard with capacitive sensors
 Privacy blinds
 Fragrance diffusion
 Head and Foot RGB+White ambient lights
 Invisible audio system
 Adjustable bed bases

System Architecture

The main control unit is a strato pi server, a raspberry pi based computer equipped with auxiliary professional hardware to enhance its reliability and let it communicate with the other devices in the bed:

HiCan Controller: a custom I/O module we have designed specifically for Hi Can with relay outputs, digital inputs and two LIN interfaces.
HiCan Scale: an 8-channel load cell interface, used to independently read the load on the 8 load cells we have on each corner of the two sides of the bed. This is used to measure weight, motion and detect presence.
HiCan DMX: a DMX interface to control all lights.
HiCan Sense: a temperature, humidity, sounds, light and air quality sensors.

Technological Features


The futuristic hi-tech design reveals countless applications and configuration that have been designed to provide owners with new bedding scenarios, not yet explored, exceeding the boundaries of traditional furniture. A new interpretation of classic canopy to create an enveloping personal space around you and transform the traditional experience of rest in a moment higher and authentic well being to share with the people you love.

Wellness features:


Size and Mattresses:
The size of the bed would change in order to your preference, it can fit:
EU Grand King mattress 180x200cm (or 2 mattresses 90×200)
US King mattress 193x203cm
CAL King mattress 183x213cm

The mattress is not included, HiCan technology has been designed to allow you to freely choose the mattress that suits you best, you can even choose if you want one single mattress with synchronized adjustable bases, or two mattress to move the bases differently.

try the different finishes and tech-configurations available.


Tailored music

Accompanying your moments. Supporting your wellbeing.
Your HiCan embeds tailored music playlists. Their sounds and music may discreetly lay aside – you’ll just let them play on the background. Or you’ll listen to them for a short while, as you recognize a song’s fragment, or as you may want to feel attracted by some new musical detail you’ll be listening to.
We’ve called the greatest experts in sound perception and music therapy to select tones and pitches, timbers and vibes, paces and rhythms. The goal is to go along with you throughout various moments of your day, and to get you ready for what is up next.


Anything you want to experience while enjoying the comfort of your bed it’s now possible. HiCan stand for High Fidelity Canopy. The high fidelity entertainment system enhanced by its unique design lets your senses astonished within theater of emotions, begin surrounded by pure high quality sounds and images. A personal cocoon where you can cultivate your passions on your own terms.

Entertainment features:


We have to be aware that to make better decision on a daily basis we need to take care of ourselves, be healthier and avoid illness. HiCan express all its potential as a sleep and health coach. It professionally tracks your sleeping patterns, without the need to wear or use any other device, providing feedbacks and insights on how to improve the way you sleep and – as a consequence – your health and daily performance.

Health features:


Control Everything

A smart an intuitive multiplatform App allow you con control your bed.
You would be able to change your position, close your privacy blind, watch a movie, listen a relaxing playlist and turn the lights off. Just with your smartphone.

Healt Tracker

HiCan reinvents an element with which we relate daily and which we did not think could have other forms of expressive capacity.
It is enhanced by the function of personal health tracker monitoring time and quality of sleep,
preserving an accurate historical archive of time spent in bed, weight and personal habits and providing immediate and comparable comparisons over time on well being.
A system equipped with intelligent alarms and automated functions, such as the control of lights when leaving the bed and the movement of the bed bases,
which will soon be ready to respond to voice commands and take on the role of a real health coach.

Discover the APP

The user interface is a native iOS and Android app, usable with any smartphone or tablet.
It includes the control of all functions of the bed (for example, light, automation, and audio-video components).
Every aspect can be tailored with customizable scenarios, to the owner’s preferences.
Besides the app, HiCan can be controlled via wearable devices, like Apple Watch, and through three touch sensors, embedded in the headboard, that can be freely programmed to set the bed in various configurations.
Furthermore, we are developing voice assistant functionalities.

Tech Spec & Dimensions

EU Grand King
Height: 208 cm
Width: 230 cm
Depth: 285 cm

US King
Height: 208 cm
Width: 240 cm
Depth: 285 cm

CAL King
Height: 208 cm
Width: 230 cm
Depth: 295 cm
Home Theatre 4+1:
• A/V receiver Marantz NR 1609
• n° 4 speakers with exciter technology (2 front + 2 surround) 150W each.
• n° 1 Subwoofer Bowers & Wilkins ASW 608
HD projector 4K enhancement
70” screen
n°7 HDMI ports
Presence, weight, temperature, humidity, air quality, noise level and brightness.
Non-invasive measurement of heartbeat and respiratory rate with historical register.



and discover the price of your HiCan

HiCan: the first smart bed
It is born as an idea of an enveloping space to enjoy dreams and digital scenarios. Designed by Edoardo Carlino and produced by Italian craftsmen.

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