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Bringing Italian design to new heights through technology and innovation

The design industry is undergoing profound changes in centuries of history, driven by transformative technologies such as IoT and AI.
We believe that blending design with technology people can get the best from their lives indoor.
With our first project we created the next-generation smart device: the hibed. Our hibeds bring people in a dimension of pure regenerating "otium", enhancing the indoor entertainment, wellness and health experience.


The first iconic hibed. Dreaming Future.

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The new hibed. Beyond Sleep.

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It’s simply the nightstand of the future

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Our hibeds make you a better version of yourself

Imagined to inspire extraordinary people who see things differently, seek innovation and bespoke experiences.


Live the hibed experience with moments of higher and authentic well-being with fragrances, smart lighting, and relaxing music. Improve the air quality you breathe while you sleep, guaranteeing a personal pure air zone in your bedroom.


Your passions enhanced by the hibed line's cocoon effect stimulate your senses in a theater of emotions, surrounded by high-definition sounds and images.


Track your sleep and health contactless and effortless. Lay down, sleep and check your sleep score every morning. Access a historical log of your sleeping patterns, environmental temperature, air quality, and noise level.



“We want to create beautifully designed smart furniture, that interact with the people and the built environment, accelerating the Internet of Furniture."

Ivan & Gianni Tallarico, Founders of Hi-Interiors

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