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We are craftsmen with a vision : the future of design is digital.

The furniture industry is undergoing the most profound and fascinating changes in centuries of history, driven by connectivity and automation. Now after the smart phone, is the dawn of the smart furniture. We believe that Internet of Things can produce a revolution adding technology we care about also in our furniture, helping people to get the best from their lives. With our first project we created the next-generation smart device: the bed. And we call it HiCan.



HiCan is our first smart bed and flagship model.

Intuitive to use and seamlessly connected, it embodies the latest advancements for wellness, entertainment, sleep and health tech. This is the reason why we gave HiCan a future-forward design that visually sets it apart from anything else in the industry.

About Us


Fueled by curiosity, we are designers, creatives, engineers, architects, strategists, developers and storytellers focused on turning ideas into reality.

We work together to create meaningful innovation by combining the best design, hardware, software and services at an unprecedented level in the furniture sector. We connect people with technology to reconnect them with life. Life is a journey with experience to live. We improve the quality of your experience.

  • Ivan Tallarico Founder & CEO
  • Gianni Tallarico Cofounder & COO
  • Edoardo Carlino Designer
  • Ulderico Arcidiaco CTO
  • Giampiero Baggiani Software Architect
  • Raffaella Oliverio CRM & Marketing
  • Maria Quintieri Architect
  • Maurizio Muzzupappa Advisor, Engineering
  • Andrea Romigi Advisor, Sleep Expert
  • Domenico Greco Advisor, Investor Relations
  • Sara Torricelli Architect & Creative
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innovation through inspiration


April 18, 10:30 I Piazza Castello, Milano
at DDN Speech Arena

Meet visionary startup entrepreneurs and Hi-Interiors’s ambassadors to hear their sorties of innovation and share their vision about how “walk through the future”.