Hi-Interiors was created as spin-off company by Deta Design Holding in order to move in new directions of research in design field: not just pure design research, but searching the best integration of existing technology with design to improve the quality of home life.

In this perspective there is a huge potential for producing smart innovation in home living, involving a number of research institutions and building business relationship with technological industrial partners.

Hi-Can, after the exposure gained on the market, can definitely be considered an hit product, but shall represent only the first product of a family of (hit) products based on the same philosophy.

Building an High Fidelity Interiors line of products shall be the mission of this new venture. That is going to take significant investments. To this end we are looking for private or institutional investors committed to such a project.

As an Italian based design firm the company shall leverage on doing research in an efficient, effective and fashion way.

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