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It’s simply the nightstand of the future.

Thought to be the marvel of modern engineering blended with old-world craftsmanship packed with features that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. HiStand is more than just a sleek and stylish nightstand that will give your bedroom an added touch of luxury.

This high-end nightstand combines function with
style to create a truly unique piece of furniture.
With its array of features and app-controlled
convenience, HiStand is the latest product made
by our Italian artisans.

Control, Predict and Adapt

The HiStand works with the iOS app (our Android app is coming soon!), which allows you to customize your HiStand providing easy access to all features and settings.
Create light scenarios, check your air quality from the app and set autonomous air purification cycles, timers and intensity for the environmental and courtesy lights. Last, but not least, you can open the safe drawer through your app.

Smart features

Electromagnetic shield

All electrical devices emit EMF or electromagnetic fields.
While the jury is still out on whether or not EMF exposure is
harmful to human health, many people prefer to err on the side
of caution and reduce their exposure as much as possible.
HiStand has an electromagnetic shield that helps to deflect EMFs
away from your head while you sleep, giving you peace
of mind.

Ambient light

Create different lighting environments with built-in LED lights that can be used depending on your mood or needs. Personalize the "light scenarios" function allows you to select from various light hues and intensities for use while meditating, relaxing, or just waking up with the sun's rising simulation.

Air purificator

The air quality in our homes is often poorer than we realize.
HiStand comes equipped with an air purifier to help remove
harmful pollutants and improve the air you breathe while you sleep,
guaranteeing a personal pure air zone. Made with big
cities in mind, the air purifier will help you sleep easier
and wake up feeling refreshed. This is especially beneficial
for those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions.

Conversational lights

HiStand's conversation lights communicate actions managed by the nightstand,
such as phone charging or air purification cycles.
They also complement the ambient lighting,
providing a gentle way to stay informed without being disturbing.

wireless charging spots

Two built-in wireless charging spots for your convenience.
No more fumbling around for cords in the dark. Place your
compatible devices on the charging pads, and they'll start
juicing up automatically. Made from the highest quality materials,
the wireless charging spots are fast, durable, and reliable.
Be charged and ready to go!

Courtesy lights

A gentle light to guide you automatically turns on when you enter the room.
It's more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lights.
Schedule the turn-off function after your customized needs, and do not worry
about wasting energy.

Smart panel

The HiStand's smart panel is a control center for all of its high-tech features. Easily adjust the lights, set timers, or check your wireless charging status with just a few taps.

safe drawer

The HiStand's safe drawer is the perfect place to store valuables
or sensitive items like medications.
The drawer is locked with NFC, so only you can access it.
Whether you're worried about privacy or just want to keep your things safe,
the HiStand's safe drawer will give you peace of mind. What's more,
the safe drawer is large enough to fit most laptop computers,
so you can even use it as a makeshift workstation if needed.


The HiStand's built-in alarm clock is
designed to wake you up gently with
light. The light gradually gets
brighter and brighter, simulating
the rising sun. With the HiStand's
alarm clock, you can wake up
feeling refreshed and energized,
ready to start your day.




Made for pragmatic dreamers looking for furniture as beautiful as it is functional
and as innovative as it is timeless. Dreamers see good furniture as an investment
in their health, wellbeing, and enjoyment of life.

"A nightstand that has the shape of a nightstand,"
She writes about HiStand. "A shape that welcomes
memory. Alongside wonder and novelty technology,
I still need to have an ancestral part of my memory
in which we recognize ourselves. We cannot live
without memory and not even without the idea
of a future." R.M

Raffaella Mangiarotti


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