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Cutting-edge technology meets fine Italian design to

Disrupt the
furniture industry

We see ourselves as early explores of the Internet of Furniture. We started reinventing the bed, which is the single piece of furniture where we spent majority of our life. We are the inventors of the first smart bed ever conceived:
HiCan, and we are now at our 2nd generation smart bed: HiBed.

We think that the space around us shall be our next smart device and we are working to enable it, regardless if we are at home, in the office or in a hotel, to take care of our wellbeing and health completely contactless and effortless.



 2008Hi-Interiors launch the first prototype of HiCan designed by Edoardo Carino, it amazed the world!
 2009Milano Design Week see for the first time HiCan Smart Bed
 2010Early adopters’ firsts installations of HiCan Smart Bed
 2016Crowd- funding campaign on Indiegogo allow the team to improve and restyle first HiCan model
 2017Delivery of the first units of the new HiCan to Indiegogo backers (early birds)
Official launch of the new HiCan at Milano Design Week
Introducing HiBed, the smart bed of second generation designed by Fabio Vinella


Fueled by curiosity, we are designers, creatives, engineers, architects, startuppers, developers and storytellers focused on the digital transformation of furniture.

We work together to create meaningful innovation in the way people live by combining the best design, hardware and software with smart services at an unprecedented level in the furniture sector.


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Founded in 2008, Hi-Interiors started with a vision to bring innovation in the furniture sector with a smart bed. In an attempt to merge design with technology, we dreamt of creating an experience so immersive, it would impact our consumers’ everyday reality and since then the press has been talking about us.

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