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Design Tech for the Future, Discover the Design Force!

By Hi Interiors

From Milan, from the world of design and architecture in collaboration with manufacturing and real estate, as DesignTech Hub we chose to initiate a debate over how design, together with technology, can play a fundamental role in tracing the path from “before” to “after” Covid-19.

In these months of lockdown that has challenged the traditional standard of habitat, we have brought together some of the most important players in the sector to give society a policy document for a new start, suggesting new guidelines for social life, new models for the spaces we live in – the cities, connections and concrete inspirations for the development of new live objects that will define the habitat of tomorrow.

With the pandemic, all critical issues and limits of the city have come to surface, sometimes in dramatic ways.

Infrastructures, architectures, environments, and lifestyles were instructed by obsolete models.

We believe this is the right historical moment to draw the image of the new world we want to live in and take care of. In some ways, it is like the virus has “pulled the plug” of the old world, which now has the chance to start over with the “startup” of a brand new world.

In this spirit, we have conceived this White Paper.

It speaks to the institutions and to the market participants with the objective of calling attention to the importance of planning, investing in research, and activating dynamics of open innovation even in this area.

It highlights the social, economic, and environmental impact of innovative and sustainable measures that put humans and the environment at their center.

The paper gathers contributions from a Design Force made of national and international architectural and design firms, together with companies and professionals spacing from the hospitality to education and health care business.

It features how the project, along with technological innovation, can allow us to overcome the health care crisis in the short term and improve our daily living and the economical rebirth in the medium and long term.

A challenge that has been accepted and that promises to establish a steady dialogue open to institutions, businesses, real estate, and construction.

Aiming to clearly identify project themes to work with and to solve, to build a “new reality” and consequently the different spaces where daily life will happen.



Author: DesignTech and Hi-Interiors team



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