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Healthy Uses of Tech in Your Morning Routine

A good day starts with a good morning. To make the most of your morning, it’s important to
develop a routine that encourages a healthy and happy day. Fortunately, new technologies are
being developed everyday to help us streamline our routine and make the most of every morning.
To help you get started, we’re sharing three healthy ways to use technology when establishing
your AM routine.

Tech Tip #1 – Not So Alarming Alarm Clock

Whether you’re waking up for work or school, the most difficult part of the morning is shutting off
that blaring alarm clock. While the majority of people reach for the snooze button at least once,
those who don’t use it tend to feel more rested and are likely to have a more productive morning.
To shake that snoozing habit, the solution lies in your alarm clock.
A crucial part of a healthy morning routine is a good night’s rest. Investing in a smart bed can not
only improve your sleep but help you feel better in the morning too. Leaving you energized and
excited to take on the day. Alarm clocks like the Sleepspace Nox can make a major difference in
the first step of your morning routine. When you’re abruptly woken up in the middle of a deep cycle
of sleep rather than a light one, you feel groggier as a result. It’s this sudden awakening that
causes us to need the snooze button in the first place. The smart alarm technology monitors how
deeply your sleeping and nudges you awake at the optimal time based on the window you set
beforehand. Specifically based on your sleep cycle, Sleepspace Nox picks the best moment to
ease you awake with nature sounds and a lamp designed to mimic sunlight. Similarly, to get the
full effect of an energized wakeup call, smart beds can improve your morning surrounding you in a
positive vibes scenario as you ease yourself awake. Involving music, colors, fragrances and
motivational tips, all before your feet even touch the ground.
If you choose to go the extra mile in getting yourself revved up and out of bed, an energetic playlist
is recommended. Setting up your smartphone to play your favorite playlist at a fixed time every
morning can boost your mood and be adjusted based on the day of the week to suit any mood
you’re in.

Tech Tip #2 Coffee With a Kick

A fresh cup of coffee in the morning is not only a favorable ritual, it’s a caffeine supply many of us
need to function. Though customarily most people prepare and drink their coffee as soon as they
get out of bed, studies show this is not an effective way to maximize the benefits. According to
neurologist Steven L. Miller, the brain releases cortisol first thing in the morning to boost our
energy, so caffeine is not necessarily needed. However within an hour or two after waking up,
cortisol levels drop. Thus when you drink coffee when your cortisol levels are low, it smooths out
your mood and energy level so you can be energetic without the jitters.
WiFi enabled coffee makers are the tech savvy solution to getting your perfect cup of joe. Allowing
you to pre-set your beverage of choice the night before, the machine will autonomously switch on
to brew your coffee so it’s ready when you need it. No temptation of an already made cup of coffee
when you first get out of bed. Should you decide your average cup isn’t going to cut it, a simple
update on your connected smartphone can switch the settings to brew a double-espresso or
whatever the day calls for. An added bonus to this technology, the energizing coffee aroma without
any effort on your part!

Tech Tip #3 Personal Assistance

Starting your day infomed on the world around you is a great way to kick-off a productive morning.
Intelligent home assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home are the perfect solution to
keeping you in the know before you walk out the door. These devices are capable of reading the
news—along with the weather and your calendar appointments—all while you get dressed or prep
lunch. This multitasking not only gets you ready for the day ahead, but also saves you valuable
minutes. Not a fan of hearing upsetting world news in the morning? No problem, these intelligent
assistants can be programmed to only share the news you want to hear.
There is a lot to be said about the benefits of a good morning routine, from physical and mental
health improvements, to just a better overall flow of your day. Implementing simple habits like
repeating a positive thought as you drift off to sleep and again when you wake up can make a
world of difference. If we’re going to try and be productive in the morning we might as well utilize
the available technology to help get us there.

Maddie Davis



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