3 Ways Lack of Sleep Affects Your Work and Performance

3 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Work Performance

By Nassa Studio

3 Ways Lack of Sleep Affects Your Work and Performance

In today’s “always-on” working culture, we are spending more hours in the office than ever and consequently depriving our overworked bodies of the rest they need. If you are somebody who compromises on sleep often to get ahead in your career, hold up: your lack of sleep might be killing your productivity in reality, weakening your performance!

Here are 4 ways in which sleep deprivation might be affecting your work and performance:

1. Impact on productivity

Growing up, we are all told to get least seven to eight hours in bed. However, research finds that most professionals only get six and half hours in bed every night. The result? Poor workplace performance. If you have found yourself zoning out of meetings, taking longer to complete tasks or just struggling with focus at work, you might be sleep deprived – all because of 30 minutes less in bed!



2. Impact on physical health and wellbeing

We all have days when tiredness just lingers – sometimes making us feel lethargic, and other times affecting our mood. Research shows a strong link between quality of sleep and quality of physical health. In fact, did you know people who don’t sleep enough are more susceptible to common illnesses? Read time away from desk = (potential) hiccups in your career. And the long-term effect of improper sleep can be quite adverse – think obesity, heart disease, and diabetes!



3. Impact on mental wellbeing

If you work in a corporate setting, you must have found teamwork and communication to play a huge role in your everyday work life. Lack of sleep affects your interpersonal skills, making it difficult for people to connect with you. Not only this, but moodiness and increased irritability can be detrimental to your social relationships.




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