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10 Tips for Better Sleep Tonight

By Nassa Studio

Late night Netflix bingeing, sending that one last email before going to bed, reading just one more page before you put down your book – sounds familiar? Between day-to-day stress and social jet lag, sleep often takes the back seat. Whilst 8 hours of sleep might sound like a dream, there are definitely ways to put you on the right track; here are 10 tips for better sleep tonight:

  1. Sleep comfortably

Basic, right? But all that they say about sleep posture, a firm foam mattress and comfy, cushiony spring mattresses might not be frivolous after all. Make sure the cozy bed is one that suits your back as it will help you sleep better.


  1. Get a sleep routine

Much to our dismay, our bodies crave consistency. We naturally feel sleepy close to our everyday bedtime, and is also why we automatically wake up fairly early on weekends. This, as it turns out, is really helps you sleep better! Establishing a bedtime routine is found to calm and relax you as you prep for sleep – so say goodbye to social jet lag! Find out what routine top tech entrepreneurs follow here.


3. Nap smartly

Did you know napping can boost memory, alertness and job performance? Limit your naps to 30 minutes in early afternoon for a sound sleep during the night.


4. Exercise regularly

We can all get caught up in our busy lives, but people who take out time and exercise tend to sleep better. In fact the more vigorous your exercise regimen, the better you will sleep although you might see results by adding a simple 10 minute walk to your schedule!


5. Take a warm bath

As the brain readies itself for sleep, our body temperature drops naturally. Taking a hot bath before bed mimics this, helping you fall asleep quickly and getting a better quality sleep.


6. Eat light late at night

You might have been told to ‘eat dinner like pauper’ growing up, and that actually have sleep benefits to it. Our bodies are not designed to digest food when we snooze, so a massive meal before bed might keep you tossing and turning as you try to get some rest. So opt for lighter meals as you approach bed time.


7. Skip the snooze cycle

Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button to sneak in a few extra minutes in bed? We hear you. However studies find that sleep in between buzzing alarms is not high-quality sleep. To prevent feel groggier during the day, set one alarm for a time you actually wake up at.


8. Have your last coffee in the afternoon

Think you really need that cup of joe as the clock hits 5 pm? We do, too. But research finds that cutting off caffeine by afternoon is best for your sleep – especially if you’re somebody who ends up staying up later than they intend to.


9. Keep it cool

Amidst all your unique sleep preferences, one thing you might have overlooked is room temperature. A temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for a sound night of sleep.


10. Manage your worries

Your daytime worries can interrupt your sleep, especially if you haven’t had the chance to think things over. Make a list of what’s stressing you and set it aside for tomorrow.



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