Company Profile

Hi-Interiors is a design and technology startup reinventing the bedroom experience with HiCan: the world's first truly open source smart bed integrating a professional health tracker.

The Role

We are looking for a Marketing Manager to create exceptional marketing campaigns to increase
awareness and drive sales for HiCan. The position reports to the CEO.


  • Develop effective marketing campaigns with a coherent integration of marketing tactics, digital marketing channels, media and engagement events to achieve sales goals.
  • Develop quarterly and yearly calendar of marketing programs for effective quality lead
  • Identify and develop high quality partnerships that enhance the customer experience and
    offer lead generation opportunities.
  • Develop programs to drive traffic to our temporary locations across the world.
  • Work with regional business partners to identify opportunities to increase awareness of
    HiCan at regional level.
  • Work with communications team on consistent and effective messaging of external
    documents and promotional materials to support our marketing activities (e.g. catalogue,
    manuals, etc.).
  • Develop, launch and track high-impact integrated campaigns across digital channels.
  • Manage outside agencies and vendors on an as needed basis.
  • Estimate work efforts, define milestones and manage resources accordingly.
  • Evaluate and track the success of programs and campaigns. Ensure a rapid pace of testing
    and that learnings are documented, shared, and rolled out. Playbooking. Document
  • Develop and optimize processes. Take big picture ideas and break them into actionable
    steps with progressive timelines for completion.
  • Effectively deliver results of marketing objectives within the designated and agreed budgets.


  • Fluent Italian and English speaker.
  • 3+ years related experience with a proven track record of developing and driving marketing campaign initiatives in multiple markets for a lifestyle product.
  • Proven track record in creating multiple large-scale and small-scale engagement events focused on an exceptional customer experience and lead generation.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with proficiency in building clear, compelling value propositions that can be expressed in a variety of media.
  • Experience with paid search and paid social channels and tools: AdWords, Facebook, etc. is required.
  • Familiarity with CRM or other form of database management.
  • Project management skills.
  • High analytical skills, excel expertise and ability to answer questions with SQL.

Bonus Points If

  • If you speak one or more of the following languages: Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese,
    Russian, Spanish, French and/or German.
  • If you have previous experience with startups.
  • If you are energetic, highly organized and hard working.
  • If you are passionate about design and technology.
  • If you are an effective team leader who can develop top talent, motivate and drive for
    exceptional results from team.
  • If you have “Backend” experience (scripts, APIs).
  • If you understand of web and app technology: cookies, SDKs, tracking, tagging.
  • If you can read other people’s code, writing own code (or strong interest to learn it).

Compensation Policy

Startup salary and superb bonus structure is available. Specific full compensation package will be designed upon valuation of track record and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Final
proposal will be discussed with qualified candidates only.

Place of Work

Position at Head Quarter in Milan.